Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Divine Appointment

I didn't go to Wednesday night service tonight. I haven't even showered today. I have laid on my couch and kept my head from moving while studying and sleeping all day in hopes of getting through this headache. But my Mom went to Wednesday Bible Study tonight, and on her way home, she called to testify to me.

Each week she meets with a ladies group. This week, a lady was talking about how every time you read your Bible, you are having a divine appointment with God. Sometimes we're guilty of reading our Bibles carelessly much like reading a magazine or the newspaper, but God desires this time to speak to us. To Him, this is a divine appointment! As the lady was talking, Mom prayed to God that she wanted to have these divine appointments.

When she was done praying, she opened her Bible and let it flip open. It landed open on Mattew 15:28. It says, 'Then Jesus answered, "Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted." And her daughter was healed from that very hour.'

Guess Mom had her divine appointment instantly, huh?!?!?! How specific was God??? I mean, first off, there are a gazillion scriptures in the Bible. Her Bible could have fallen open on one about someone who begot so-n-so. But no. He's taken notice of her faith!! And He's heard the prayers that she's had for me. But still... He could have chosen a million other scriptures about healing, but to be SO specific as to pick this one... This one that says, "And her daughter..." And here my Mom is praying for her daughter...

How awesome of a God do we serve??? PRETTY AWESOME!

And that lady at my Mom's Bible study was right. The Bible is an open invitation for me and for you and for whomsoever will to have a divine appointment with God. :-)


Headache's been here for 3 days now. Bummer. Feels like I've been hit on the right side of my temple with the sledge hammer and the pain is just radiating all over my entire head. I'd been doing good staying away from pain meds, but the last few days I've been popping 'em like mad. *sigh*

I've still be staying away from caffiene, eating healthy (or trying to), drinking lots of water, and doing moderate excercise. HOWEVER, I have stopped taking a medication that I have been on for about 3 years and I'm wondering if there is any coorelation? I feel pretty bad, and next week is my final in this nursing class so not good timing at all to be feeling bad. BOO! I want to hibernate, but I just can't afford to... I've GOT to study. No rest for the weary, eh? LOL