Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good day.

Exciting news! My brother is home from serving in Afghanistan. He's only home a total of 9 days before he goes back to the base where he is stationed, but it's wonderful to see him and know he's okay.

My health is been cooperating since he's been here. HOORAY! I've done some reading that chocolate and tea really trigger headaches, so much to my dismay I've cut them both out of my diet. I've also started Weight Watchers in hopes that eating healthier would help my headaches some. I'm happy to report that while I still feel pain every day, it's not bad enough to take pain medication every single day. HOORAY! That's my goal - just to get off the pain medication. Also, I've been able to walk 2 miles a couple days a week. That in itself is amazing. It wasn't too long ago that I couldn't get off the couch. Just the thought of imobilizing my head was painful. LOL

So my brother is home and my head is okay. You'd think it couldn't get any better, and yet it is. Just took the last test of this nursing class and made a 'B'. That means that I'm going into the final with a 'B' average. Galations 6:9 is so true!