Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yep... I'm bragging! :-)

For ages I had been fine. No headaches. No other symptoms. Just a 'normal' healthy person. And then I started the summer semester of nursing school in May. And a week after classes started, WHAM. The headaches came roaring back.

It was rough. I was convinced that the tumor was back. Thankfully, and MRI proved me wrong. But the headaches were still there and roaring like a madman. So off to the neurologist I went. We've been trying all kinds of different migraine medications, and I had a big decision to make - whether or not I was going to try to tough it out in school. Summer nursing classes are just crazy talk, but I'm one crazy girl. And so I stayed.

Nursing school, my two kids at home for the summer, and killer headaches... This summer has just been great! LOL And yet Monday was the final, and I managed to pull a B off on it. And a B in the class!!!! :-) I must say, I'm VERY proud and determined that I am not allowing that stupid brain tumor to steal anything else from me!! I just refuse. :-)

3 more semesters left and I'll be an R.N. Brain tumor or not, I'm still going to live my dreams!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sad day

*sad sigh* I don't even know where to begin... My feelings and thoughts are so muddled right now and I feel a million different things all at once. A couple years ago now, shortly after my brain tumor/surgery, I begin looking on the internet for others like me and any kind of information about the tumor that I had. I found one friend... one good friend... He was fighting a brain tumor that was mostly in his brain stem. And he was fighting hard.

We chatted on-line and kept up with one another's blogs, and he was like a God-send for me. While I'm blessed to have a wonderful support system around me, and a good relationship with God, there was just something different about being able to talk to someone else walking in my shoes. We'd talk about normal things like food or our kids, and then we'd talk about not-so-normal things like how we wanted our funeral to be. Sometimes I wouldn't be able to sleep and when I logged on-line, I'd see my friend. He kept me company when I was at my lowest, and we'd rejoice together when MRI's came back with good news (for either of us).

But through it all, I was the lucky one. His tumor was as tough as he was and just wouldn't go away. He struggled so much... It's amazing to me how much fight he had in him. And sometimes, talking with him and I'd feel guilty. Guilty that I complain about a stupid headache and being back on 3 medications when he fought to just breathe and took a million different pills. Guilty that I'm doing well, and he wasn't. Guilty that I can drive and walk and bathe myself, and he just couldn't. And I'd share that with him and he'd LOL me... And tell me that I shouldn't feel guilty because he was happy for me.

Gosh, it's so funny to be wiping tears off my face over a guy that I never even met... But I can't tell you how much I'll miss him and how much I wish he could've won his fight.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Waaaa waaa waaaaa

My dumb ol' headaches are NOT getting better dispite medication changes. I hate complaining and I hate being a sour-puss, but that's all I seem to do. :-( My head constantly hurts. I never get a full nights sleep cause I wake up because of the pain. I'm always tired. The medicine makes me feel loopy. I hate this. WAAAA!!!!

I'm not "fun" right now. I hate having music cranked up, I avoid swimming (my favorite past-time of all) because I try to steer clear of the bright sunlight, and I don't have the energy to get off my couch. I must be the worst 27 year-old in history.

I got back to the neurologist next week. *sigh* We'll see?