Thursday, February 10, 2011

He hears your EVERY prayer...

Let me just share what a wonderful God I serve. :-)

Tuesday, I was driving to school. I am in the 'home stretch' of my schooling with just 6 months left, but school consumes me. I literally have no LIFE outside of school, and on this particular morning, I was praying to God and asking Him if I disappointed Him. I was thinking about that scripture in the Bible that talks about those folks that would come up to Him at the time of judgement and He'd say, "I never know you." I asked Him, would He say that about me?

I mean, I pray, but I feel like it's haphazard. None of that 1-2 hours of scheduled locked in a prayer closet kind of stuff that I was raised hearing about. The same with reading my Bible. In fact, the Bible is downloaded on my phone, and sadly, I read more scriptures sitting in waiting rooms, or in elevators, than ever before. *sigh* Basically, I just don't feel like I meet up to the "standards" of a "Christian" that I should. If there is a checklist, I feel like mine is severely lacking.

And so, Tuesday, on my way to school, I was telling God how sorry I am for disappointing Him.

Tuesday I didn't have a very good day... at all. And it was VERY long. When I got home, I was so tired, and defeated, and just tired. Lately, these 6 months seems too looks like 6 years!

I checked the mail, and mixed in with the handful of bills was a greeting card from a friend that I haven't talked to in ages. What a surprise! When I opened the card, the first sentence from my friend shared how she's been going around with this card for me in her planner for nearly a year now. A year. And finally she remembered to put a stamp on it and mail it. (Is that NOT perfect timing.) And then she said something that made tears just pour down my face because I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God was answering my prayers from that morning....

She talked about what kind of relationship I had with God and how I'm a person who "walks with God daily". She talked about how she's watched from the outside while I've faced the migraines and yet I just seem to keep going.

And while that encouragement would have been super flattering at ANY time, it was perfect that it came when it did. God was letting me know that He'd heard me praying that morning. No matter how big our prayers seem no matter how small they seem, He hears us when we call - and He cares.